DaVida is an engaging speaker who delivers highly empowering, humorous, research and story-based presentations. Her audiences leave energized and equipped with practical life tools.

Whether you are looking for a keynote, half- or full-day program, or a multi-year program, DaVida is an engaging speaker who delivers what you need and cultivates a positive environment for all age groups, youth to adults.

Below are DaVida Anderson’s signature topics. Each presentation is customized to your organization/institution–and can be presented as a one-hour keynote to a full-day workshop. 

Keep Your Guard Up: Protect Your Brand & Your Future
We live in a digital age now more than ever. This session will help participants understand how to build a personal brand that is in alignment with their personal values. Participants will leave with an understanding of their digital footprint and how it can impact their personal and professional future.
Time Needed: 60 minutes

Defining Who I am, From the Inside Out: Embracing Diversity and Inclusion
Understanding and valuing diversity is more than a buzzword, it’s a skill. This session will help participants evaluate their own biases and develop tangible skills to embrace diversity in their everyday lives.
Time Needed: 1 hour 30 minutes

Who I left Behind:  In order to Move Into My Purpose   
Fear and failure are two words that are often not embraced.  This session will help participants understand how to turn their past into power by embracing opposition in order to encourage and empower themselves. 
Time Needed: 60 minutes

The Game of Life
We live in a world that provides many distractions that could take us off course from obtaining our goals.  Through current events, childhood and sport narratives, this session helps participants examine distractions, prioritize goals, and identify key principles of winning the game of life.   
Time Needed: 60 minutes  


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